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The 8 Months Sleep Regression

What is the 8-month Sleep Regression? The 8-month sleep regression is a period of time when your baby will start waking up more at night again and be unsettled during their daily naps. It happens to most babies around the time they turn eight months old. The regression can cause your baby to wake upRead More

Help Your Toddler Feel Happier and Calmer at Bedtime

We all have been there, from around 2 years or even before our toddlers all of a sudden rebel at bedtime. Your child ask you to do a million things for them and you do until you have had enough, and you become very angry. Then the feeling of guilt floods your heart and ifRead More

Toddlers’ sleep

If you have a toddler, you probably already experienced the shift in their attitude towards life. From mealtimes to bath times, you now know very well the saying “choose your battles”. Sleep and nap times have these battles, making toddlers’ sleep very different from infant sleep. What Has Changed? Toddler’s sleep changes around the 18Read More

Developmental changes and your child’s sleep

What is the connection between developmental changes and your child’s sleep? We call it “sleep regression” but it’s actually a progression in your child’s development.While these developmental changes are blessed, crawling, sitting, standing, and walking are being learnt first in the child’s mind and show their presence during sleep. Understanding these developmental changes and exceptingRead More

Early Waking

So, your amazing sleeper has started to wake up in the early mornings. You are absolutely beside yourself wondering what went wrong and how can you help them fall back to sleep. Early waking is very common, I will explain the solutions and how to help your child go back to sleep. Holding, rocking orRead More

Best time to put your child to sleep

In general, the best time to put your child to sleep is between 6pm and 7:30pm. When exactly during these times is the right time for your child? The answer depends on your child’s age, the number and duration of their naps. Yes 6pm might sound too early but has your child slept enough duringRead More