Have a Small Sleep Issue?

Have a Small Sleep Issue?


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If you are on top of your child’s sleep but got out of a routine after a holiday, an illness etc and have some question or needing advise about how to get back on track please book this hour long call.

This package is perfect for families located interstate or overseas.

My online consultation package includes:

    1. Initial phone/ Skype consultation during which we can complete the intake form together, as I understand you might be busy.
    2. Your child’s individual sleep plan tailored to you and your child’s needs, printed.
    3. Another phone consultation during which I will explain the  plan in detail and cover more information as needed.
    4. 3 weeks of unlimited phone, text and email support.

All additional support (via  call, text or email) is $35 per week.

No additional charge for twins unless 2 separate sleep plans are needed. The second twin’s sleep plan is $50


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