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Sleep Training FAQs

If you have a question about sleep training that hasn’t been covered below, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. Every question is a good question!

How do I know if I need a sleep consultation?

You know you need a sleep consultant when:

  • you feel your child is not getting enough sleep/ not sleeping long enough
  • you feel that you don’t want to help them to fall asleep anymore as you are tired, busy or simply because you don’t want to
  • if your child is playing up and you know it’s because of lack of sleep
  • you know they can sleep full nights but they don’t
  • their naps are all over the place and you need a routine to help you accomplish things or rest

Click here to read “why sleep training” page.

Will I have to let my baby cry?

Not necessarily. I’m working with gentle techniques and prefer to tweak them a bit in order for you to feel comfortable to apply them and to minimise the amount of crying.

A cry is the only way for babies to express themselves so some babies will cry to let us know they don’t like the change they are experiencing (e.g being settled in a cot and not in hands). So we can expect some crying but we will not allow your baby to become distressed.

What is the best age to properly start with sleep training?

I believe a baby is ready to be sleep trained when their biological clock is developed and that will be at around 4 months. Having said that, if your baby is not ready for sleep training, there’s a lot we can do to help sooth them and help them sleep better.

Why is the support you give me limited?

I’m limiting the support I give you as I know from experience that my techniques work within a week and the desired results come within two weeks, when parents are consistent and sticking to the plan.

I then offer 1 extra week of support just to make sure everyone is happy.

3 weeks in total.

Why use a sleep consultant?

When you hire a sleep consultant you are more likely to be rewarded for your money and reach your sleeping goals for your child.

You can read lots of infant sleep books, and you might have more than one child, but every child is different and might need a different routine and sleep training method that will work for them.

Using a certified, trained and experienced sleep consultant will be the best option for success.

  • I provide a face to face in-home personalised sleep service and therefore I am more able to tweak the sleep plan if we need while I’m visiting, to insure we are progressing toward success.
  • Most times the face to face meeting can initially gain you more information and support.
  • I will gently guide you in those first hours, when you need that personal connection the most and if things go astray, I’ll be there to guide you through tweaking and changing what is not working.
  • When you start implementing the plan that I build for you and your child you can rest assure that I used all the information I gathered about you and your child to make sure this plan suits you best. This will enable you to easily follow it. And if you are unsure about some aspect of it I’ll be there to explain and give information as needed. This way you are guided to success.

How do I choose a package?

If you are not sure what package you need you can book a 15 minute free phone consultation with me, during which you’ll describe your situation and I’ll ask you a few questions. I’ll then be able to assist you in choosing the right package.

For those in the Melbourne Metro area I usually recommend the in home consultation, however I can still achieve excellent results for families in remote locations with the online package.

Either way I will be on hand to support and guide you all the way.