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Support In Sleep Training

Sleep training is not always easy, especially for parents who are sleep deprived. These parents find it hard to deal with day to day tasks and need that extra support in order to be successful with sleep training.

Babies cry to let us know they do not like the changes we are trying to implement. Crying is the only way a baby can communicate and so we expect some crying, even in the gentlest of sleep training methods. The trouble is that some parents can’t deal with even the smallest cry. Those parents need someone to take their hand and remind them why they decided to go through the process in the first place and help them not give up and stay consistent.

As a sleep consultant I’m limited with the physical support I can give you so I always ask my clients if they have support for the process. This support can be from a partner, a friend or a parent.

I always seek the confirmation that both parents want the change and are willing to work for it. When both parents are mentally invested in the process there is less room for inconsistency (which sets back the process) and frustration.

When both parents are invested in the process results come quicker and better.

Love and peace


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