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online sleep consultant melbourne

Sleep Consultant Newborn Melbourne

Online Sleep Consultatnt Newborn Melbourne

Need a reliable online sleep consultant for newborn in Melbourne? You’ve found it! My sleep consultation is quite pleasant for you and your child. My sleep consultation process is stress-free, making everyone comfortable, especially your child who will be learning better sleep habits. I strive to help you feel the most comfortable and relaxed during our sleep consultation. For enquiries on sleep consultation in Melbourne, call now! To know more about our sleep packages starting from only $75, contact us today for your FREE consultation.
Happy parent, happy child.

  • Once you purchase a package, I will contact you and send you an intake form which you can complete and send back to me via email, or we can complete it together over the phone as I realise you might be busy.
  • After our initial phone consultation I will analyse all the information you gave me about your child and yourself. Then I’ll work on an individual sleep plan that will suit both the temperament of your child and your parenting style.
  • If you purchased a package with a face to face consultation we will make a time to meet and during that time I will explain the plan to you and help you start implementing it straight away, if it suits you.
  • If you purchased an online package we will make a time for a second phone consultation, during which I will explain the plan to you and answer all of your question.
  • I will give you all the support you need during the time frame specified in each package.