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Professional Baby Sleep Consultant

Professional Baby Sleep Consultant

Babies and toddlers need all the sleep they can get. And when you think they’re not getting quality sleep, it’s time to have a professional baby sleep consultant from Freedomummy to help you see to it that they get all the proper sleep they need. And when you do just that, you’ll also get all the sleep you deserve. Freedomummy also understands how important it is that you, as parents, also get proper sleep and we will factor that in when you learn the techniques on baby sleep training.

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Baby Sleep Training

If you often find yourself rocking your newborn to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night to breastfeed or cuddle your baby back to sleep, chances are you’re losing sleep as well. But did you know that you can sleep train your baby when they’re around 3 or 4 months old? You see, around that age, babies can already fall asleep or get back to sleep on their own.

Sleep training teaches your baby to fall asleep without any assistance from you (maybe up to a point where your baby is drowsy) when you put him/her down for bed. No fuss, no tears, just drifting off to dreamland without being rocked, cuddled, nursed, and all the other things you do to get the little one to sleep. It also teaches your baby how to get back to sleep when he/she wakes up during the night. That said, sleep training will also allow you to get back all the sleep you need.
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Is It Safe?

Some parents may be anxious about sleep training their infants. But research shows that there’s no need to worry as sleep training has no impact on behavioural or emotional problems later in childhood, nor does it increase them at all. Many even say that sleep training is very safe, healthy, and vital for your baby’s development.

Sleep training also benefits the parents in more ways than one. For mothers, maternal depression is mitigated. Lack of sleep contributes to postpartum depression and sleep training your baby will also allow you to have much sleep, more rest, and a better mood. For fathers (who will surely take their turn), you might notice how your baby quickly responds to you very well. When they do, seize the moment and apply the techniques you will learn from Freedomummy’s Baby Sleep Consultant.

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Who is Freedomummy?

Freedomummy is Meital Davidson, a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant whose experience in sleep training was borne out by finding ways to sleep train her children. Her passion for learning all about sleep training provided her with a rich and positive experience that she now shares with parents who require a baby sleep consultant, whether offline or online. What gets you going when getting Freedomummy as your baby sleep consultant is the added benefit of Meital’s experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in many daycare centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Get a well-rounded approach to sleep training with Freedomummy. Call us today for a FREE phone consultation.

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My Sleep Packages

Starting from only $75, my packages are varied and are carefully designed to give you the maximum support you need.

If you are not sure which one is the best for you, you can contact us today for a FREE phone consultation with me and I’ll help you based on your needs.

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