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When coaxing your baby to sleep takes a lot of time from you, depriving you of your much-needed rest, then it’s about time you get expert help from a local sleep consultant: Freedomummy. Freedomummy frees you from the time-consuming and exhausting task of putting your little one to sleep by teaching you effective techniques to sleep train your baby. With a customised program based on your needs, parenting style, and your attitude towards sleep, Freedomummy gives you back some “me time” where you can sleep and recharge so you can take care of your little one very well after a well-deserved rest. Contact us today for your FREE phone consultation.

The Need for Sleep Training

For practical reasons, sleep training will be very beneficial to all concerned. For babies, sleep training improves their learning skills, develops their emotional and linguistic capabilities, and improves their mood, among other things. In other words, babies who are sleep-trained are healthier. For parents, sleep training the baby will help them get the sleep they need; you see, parents are not always able to help their babies get to sleep. Therefore, the practical solution here is sleep training. Besides, sleep training is not really as time-consuming as many parents think.

The sleep training techniques usually work in a week or two. As with all training methods, be prepared for some resistance from your little one while calibrating his or her sleeping pattern. Resistance from your infant is also called an “extinction burst” where there is a temporary increase of bad behaviour before it fades away completely. After this period, everything will improve fast. Patience is key to successfully sleep training your baby. And you will need a lot of that to make this a successful endeavour.

Online Sleep Training Consultation

Freedomummy is more than just your local sleep consultant you can turn to as we offer online sleep training consultation as well. If you’re too busy to have a face-to-face session with us, online consultation is the perfect solution where we can customise a sleep plan based on your and your baby’s situation and needs. We will go through the customised sleep training plan thoroughly where we can address all your questions and concerns. You’ll also get unlimited support for a month which includes text messages, phone calls, and emails.

Who is Freedomummy?

Freedomummy is Meital Davidson, a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant whose experience in sleep training was borne out by finding ways to sleep train her children. Her passion for learning all about sleep training provided her with a rich and positive experience that she now shares with parents who require a baby sleep consultant, whether offline or online. What gets you going when getting Freedomummy as your baby sleep consultant is the added benefit of Meital’s experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in many daycare centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Get a well-rounded approach to sleep training with Freedomummy. Call us today for a FREE phone consultation.