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Why Sleep Training? | Infant sleep consultant

Infant Sleep Consultant

Knowing the importance of sleep training is the first step to getting your precious night’s sleep back. Let me, your infant sleep consultant, take you on a journey where you gain knowledge on the value of sleep for your child and your family. As your baby sleep training consultant, I will show you how to take control of the situation with simple steps. Once you’ve integrated this into your life, you’ll appreciate the importance of sleep training your baby.

What is a Sleep Problem?

A sleep problem (if not a medical issue) is a child’s inability to

  • fall asleep independently and / or
  • to return to sleep by themselves when they wake up at night or from a one sleep cycle nap during the day

A child who falls asleep with help, dependency or certain conditions, will develop a regression later on, even if they sleep through the night.

Why Your Child’s Inability to Fall Asleep by Themselves is the Cause of Night Wakings?

It is simply because a child who falls asleep independently will also be able to put themselves back to sleep when they wake up from a sleep or a one sleep cycle nap.

A child who is unable to fall asleep independently will need the same help they had at the beginning of the night (or nap) when they wake up in the middle of the night (or nap).

Sleep problems that result from the child’s inability to fall asleep independently do not go away by themselves.

A large percentage of children suffer from this difficulty, even in adulthood. Sleep problems in older children will manifest themselves as late and long “falling asleep” processes.

What is a Good Night's Sleep or a Good Nap?

It is independent sleep without negative (or unwanted) sleep associations, a continuous sleep as a result of creating a positive sleep experience.

This is not a fantasy, it can happen. You as a parent can hold the key to help your child learn some good sleep habits for life! Most sleep problems are behavioural and depends on us, the parents, and knowing exactly what to do can change your life for the better.