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Sleep Consultation | Infant Sleep Consultant Near Me

Infant Sleep Consultant Near Me

Googling “infant sleep consultant near me”? Your search ends with Freedomummy! I will guide you on sleep training babies, and help you with your journey, from sleep training basics to techniques that best suit your baby.

Sleep Training Benefits

Sleep training babies is frequently harder on the parent, but the payoff is very rewarding. For a parent like you, the benefits are many, among them are:

You’ll get enough sleep, and rest, yourself

Your parental mood improves

Security between parent and child improves according to some studies

For babies, sleep training helps them reap a multitude of benefits, among them are:

Growth and brain development

Better temperament because they get enough sleep and are well-rested

Better immune system and heart health

Why You Need a Sleep Consultant

Sleep training babies can be difficult, regardless of how many resources you have downloaded from the ‘net. But with me by your side, you wouldn’t be alone in sleep training your baby. That’s because you can have an infant sleep consultant to guide you when you start sleep training your toddler. A toddler sleep consultant knows what’s best for your precious child in terms of sleep and after making the full assessment. From the basics of sleep training to various sleep training techniques that perfectly suit your baby and how long the sleep training will be.

The Perfect Time for Sleep Training

In case you’re wondering, you can start sleep training your baby as early as four months old. At this age, all the biological development relating to sleep is mature. At this age, they can learn to self soothe if they have the perfect sleep environment and routine. It is also at this age that their circadian rhythm starts to kick in. So from this age, sleep training is recommended for your baby. You’ll need the best baby sleep consultant Melbourne can provide to start you and your baby off on your good sleep journey.