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Gentle Sleep Training

Gentle Sleep Training

If you are looking for a stress-free sleep training for your little one, let Freedomummy introduce you to gentle sleep training. Also known as “no cry sleep training,” gentle sleep training holds the same promise as other sleep training methods: helping babies sleep more soundly and calm themselves upon waking up, with no crying whatsoever.

Methods Used in Gentle Sleep Training

Common methods used in gentle sleep training are:

  • Pick Up, Put Down Method – this requires you to pick up and put down your little one dozens of times from their crib. The objective here is to lessen their gradual need to be reassured each night until such time that they don’t need to be picked up anymore.
  • Chair Method – this requires you to sit in a chair near your baby’s crib while they fall asleep. The idea here is to have them learn to soothe themselves into sleeping without you picking them up. Then you gradually move the chair farther and farther, until your baby learns to fall asleep without you in the room.
  • Scheduled Awakenings – for babies who wake up several times at night, you may want to use this method of interrupting his/her sleep cycles, pushing the cycles in the direction of a more consolidated sleep.

Through all these methods, you will need a certified baby sleep consultant to guide you through. That’s where I come in. Just keep in mind though that gentle sleep training will take a lot of time and work on your part as parents to your toddler.

Tips on Gentle Sleep Training

If you’ve decided that gentle sleep training is the one for you and your baby, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Stick to a soothing bedtime practice – for example, giving a bath to your baby, then reading to him/her, then singing a lullaby to him/her, then putting him/her to bed at the same time every single night.
  • Come up with keywords – A simple “shhhh” or a softly spoken phrase such as “it’s bed time” will signal to your toddler that it’s time to sleep. Repeat these words when soothing him/her into sleeping.
  • Build a comfortable and sleep conducive environment – soft music, soft lighting, nature sounds, and the like are just some of the ideas of creating an environment that will make your baby sleep easily.

Learn more about gentle sleep training, and other baby sleep training techniques from Freedomummy. Book a call and find out more about my sleep consultant packages.

Online Sleep Consultation

Freedomummy can be your online sleep consultant, especially if you’re keen on your baby’s changing sleep patterns. With your busy schedule and all, my online consultation is perfect for you.

I’ll design a sleep plan customised according to you and your child’s needs. We’ll go through the plan together, in detail, and cover as much information as possible. You’ll get four (4) weeks of unlimited support that includes texts, phone calls, and emails.

Let Freedomummy be your sleep consultant. Call now to find out more about how my consultancy will work best for you and your baby.

Freedomummy in a Nutshell

Freedomummy is born out of my personal experience raising my own kids. My journey in finding a solution that works for me and my own children ignited my passion to learn all about sleep training. It’s what drove me to get certified as a sleep consultant from Baby Sleep Consultant so I can help other parents reap the benefits of gentle sleep training or other sleep training methods that may be applicable to their situation.

Add to that my previous experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in various day care centres in Sydney and Melbourne, then you get a well-rounded approach in sleep training that can only come from Freedomummy!