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Gentle Sleep Specialist

Gentle Sleep Specialist

If your little one is giving you a difficult time during nap time, you need help from a professional gentle sleep specialist—a certified baby sleep consultant—to make things easier for you: Freedomummy! As an experienced baby sleep consultant, I have helped many parents, first time or not, get back their much needed rest—and sleep—as they learn techniques about baby sleep training.

Benefits of Baby Sleep Training

When you sleep train your baby, you teach them to:

  • Fall asleep faster – sleep training teaches your baby to anticipate sleep, so they fall asleep quickly.
  • Wake up less at night – sleep training teaches your baby to be an independent sleeper that if and when they wake up at night, they can put themselves back to sleep easily.
  • Sleep longer – sleep training includes preparing your baby for a biologically and developmentally suitable sleep schedules that will help them sleep longer, letting them reap the benefits of a nourishing sleep.

What Sleeping More Means for Your Baby

Because babies are in that developmental stage of being, the more sleep they get will be very beneficial to them, whether they’re taking naps or having a long sleep. Here are some advantages if your baby gets to sleep more.

  • Improves learning abilities – sleeping more further improves cognitive development.
  • Improves emotional behaviour and linguistics – sleeping more promotes emotional and behavioural regulation and language development.
  • Improves mood – sleeping more makes babies more approachable and adaptable to their surroundings.
  • Improves memory consolidation – sleeping more promotes memory consolidation.
  • Improves flexible cognition – this means the baby can easily recognise two identical but different coloured balls, etc.

Online Sleep Consultation

Freedomummy can be your online sleep consultant, especially if you’re keen on your baby’s changing sleep patterns. With your busy schedule and all, my online consultation is perfect for you.

I’ll design a sleep plan customised according to you and your child’s needs. We’ll go through the plan together, in detail, and cover as much information as possible. You’ll get four (4) weeks of unlimited support that includes texts, phone calls, and emails.

Let Freedomummy be your sleep consultant. Call now to find out more about how my consultancy will work best for you and your baby.

Freedomummy in a Nutshell

Freedomummy is born out of my personal experience raising my own kids. My journey in finding a solution that works for me and my own children ignited my passion to learn all about sleep training. It’s what drove me to get certified as a sleep consultant from Baby Sleep Consultant so I can help other parents reap the benefits of having a gentle sleep specialist sleep train their toddlers.

Add to that my previous experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in various day care centres in Sydney and Melbourne, then you get a well-rounded approach in sleep training that can only come from Freedomummy!