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Gentle Sleep Coach

Gentle Sleep Coach

Coaching your babies to sleep can be a time-consuming chore that can also leave you exhausted. Why not get a professional gentle sleep coach to help you sleep train your baby effortlessly? Freedomummy is here to help you. I can customise baby sleep programs based on your situation, your parenting style, and your approach to sleep.

Why You Need to Sleep Train

There are many practical reasons for sleep training your baby that will surely make you realise the value of having a baby sleep consultant teach you how to properly coach your baby to sleep. Here are some of them.

  • Babies who get enough sleep are healthier.
  • Parents aren’t always able to help babies get enough sleep or get the sleep they need.
  • Babies need to learn sleeping independently so they can be able to sleep well.
  • Mothers can get the sleep they need if their babies are sleep trained.
  • Sleep training isn’t time consuming as many parents think.

How Sleep Coaching Benefits You

As a baby sleep consultant, I will provide you with a regimented program that’s customised to your situation and will help you coach your baby to sleep the right way. Sticking to the program will let your baby anticipate sleeping time with no fuss at all. Here’s how sleep coaching benefits you and your baby.

  • You get more sleep – when your baby sleeps faster and longer, you also get more time to sleep! Remember, sleep coached babies also wake less at night so you got more time to sleep.
  • Better mood for your baby (and you) – if you lack sleep, you’re on edge and irritable. The same goes for your baby. But with having enough sleep for both you and your baby—thanks to Freedomummy—you and your baby will have improved moods.
  • You have more time to chill – With more time in your hands, you can sit back and relax and enjoy while your baby is sleeping.
  • You’re safer – Lack of sleep slows down your reflexes because you get drowsy. You’re prone to be clumsy and are open to accidents. When you’ve had enough sleep, you’re safer and more alert.
  • Better parenting – When you’re rested, you feel happier, more patient, enthusiastic, and attentive as a parent to your baby.

There’s a lot of things going for you if you get a professional baby sleep consultant. Call Freedomummy and let’s have a little chat about how I can help you sleep train your little one.

Online Sleep Consultation

Freedomummy can be your online sleep consultant, especially if you’re keen on your baby’s changing sleep patterns. With your busy schedule and all, my online consultation is perfect for you.

I’ll design a sleep plan customised according to you and your child’s needs. We’ll go through the plan together, in detail, and cover as much information as possible. You’ll get four (4) weeks of unlimited support that includes texts, phone calls, and emails.

Let Freedomummy be your sleep consultant. Call now to find out more about how my consultancy will work best for you and your baby.

Freedomummy in a Nutshell

Freedomummy is born out of my personal experience raising my own kids. My journey in finding a solution that works for me and my own children ignited my passion to learn all about sleep training. It’s what drove me to get certified as a sleep consultant from Baby Sleep Consultant so I can help other parents reap the benefits of having a gentle sleep coach sleep train their toddlers.

Add to that my previous experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in various day care centres in Sydney and Melbourne, then you get a well-rounded approach in sleep training that can only come from Freedomummy!