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Baby Sleep Specialist

Baby Sleep Specialist

Babies have naps that last around 30 to 45 minutes. This can be very difficult for parents unless they get help from an experienced baby sleep specialist. Enter Freedomummy. Freedomummy teaches you how to sleep train your baby so they can get all the sleep without your help or presence, giving you all the rest you need in the process. We understand the value of sleep not only for babies but for you as well. Sleep training helps babies sleep faster, wake up less at night, and get back to sleep easily.

The Right Age to Sleep Train

You can start to sleep training your baby when he/she is about 4 to 6 months old. At this age, the baby can already learn to self-soothe and may no longer need night feeding. Self-soothing is when babies calm down and go to sleep by themselves. It’s been noted that babies who self-soothe sleep longer. But you will need training techniques to teach your little one this behaviour. As a licensed baby sleep consultant, Freedomummy will show you how to create a conducive environment to make your infant fall asleep quickly and easily.

We offer different sleep training programs which can be customised according to your child’s needs and age, from 3 months up to 2 years old. Freedomummy can create a package that perfectly suits your situation, including online sleep training consultation if you have a tight schedule. You will also have a month’s worth of unlimited support that includes text messages, phone calls, and emails. Just to manage your expectations: sleep training your child is challenging at first. So you will need all the patience you can muster in the first few sessions of our sleep training.

Quick Tips When You’re Sleep Training

Once you’re into the sleep training program Freedomummy has created, you have to keep in mind some of the following tips we’re sharing here.

Create a bedtime routine with different activities. If you’re used to just rocking the baby to sleep every single time, the baby will soon realise that it’s sleeping time. Vary the activities before getting them to sleep, such as giving them a warm bath, reading them a story in a relaxing voice, dimming the lights, etc. When they get too sleepy, put them in their crib. This will teach them to associate going to sleep with being in the crib and not in your arms.

 Do not extend nighttime feedings. Babies who are around 6 months old do not require night feedings unless ordered by your paediatrician. Gradually wean him out of night feeding by reducing the amount of food you give them.

 Do not let your baby stay up late. Doing so will make your baby take a longer time to sleep and will wake up more often.

Who is Freedomummy?

Freedomummy is Meital Davidson, a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant whose experience in sleep training was borne out by finding ways to sleep train her children. Her passion for learning all about sleep training provided her with a rich and positive experience that she now shares with parents who require a baby sleep specialist, whether offline or online. Meital’s experience with kids as a Child Care Educator for nine years in many daycare centres in Sydney and Melbourne gives you a well-rounded approach to sleep training. Call us for a FREE phone consultation now.