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Baby Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Consultant

As a baby sleep consultant, I always strive to empower parents to take control over the sleep situation, while providing them with as much information, tools, and support as possible.

Being the choice sleep consultant Melbourne mums and dads go to, I customise every sleep package that includes an individual sleep plan tailored to your family’s needs and based on specific information you will share with me. These packages have been designed by me, your baby sleep consultant, to help you teach your child good sleeping habits for life.

I work holistically as a sleep consultant, taking into consideration your parenting style and your child’s temperament, as well as looking at the sleep environment and nutrition (food for sleep).

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Sleep Consultant

A Sleep Problem

Most sleep problems (if not medical) are behavioural or related to parental intervention during the child’s falling asleep process. If you decide you want to change those unwanted patterns, then it is definitely possible! In order to start moving things towards change you need to know exactly what to do to get out of the situation you are in.
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My Passion

Although I was a qualified and experienced Child Care Educator, with years of experience with babies of all ages, I still found I required the help of a professional baby sleep consultant when it was time to achieve better sleep for my own babies.

I was so impressed with the experience that I decided I wanted to be able to help other parents who also didn’t sleep at night.

I am very passionate about my role as a Sleep Consultant as I know it works, it is necessary and it changes lives.

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How I Can Help

My sleep consultation process puts the child in the centre, however I am also analysing your situation holistically while considering your parenting style and your approach to sleep.

Together we can work on any method you feel comfortable with and we won’t let your child cry without consoling them.

We want to create a sense of security and help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed going to sleep and this is where I can help.

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My Sleep Packages

Starting from only $75, my packages are varied and are carefully designed to give you the maximum support you need.

If you are not sure which one is the best for you, you can contact us today for a FREE phone consultation with me and I’ll help you based on your needs.

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